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Here in the United States, individuality and self-sufficiency are sought after and often times cultivated traits. But certain times in our lives, like when becoming a parent, your support network is more necessary than perhaps any other time in your life. Interval Health strives to be a part of the larger community that is dedicated to helping moms (and dads) in their journey of starting and raising a family. This page will list a variety of local providers who share this mission and I hope you will use them as ancillary supports along the way. Because your needs as a mom should not come last, please connect with these fine businesses as well to see what they can offer to support your in your journey towards whole health and wellness.

If you are a local business also passionate about walking with moms on their journey, please contact me so we can connect and support each other.

After the rush of birth, Boram is a calm, comfortable space for you (and your partner) to bond with baby while surrounded by helping hands. From lactation and feeding assistance to basic baby care, our professionally trained team is here for you 24/7, whatever you need, filling in for “the village” that’s difficult to find in today’s world.

Currently located with the 5 star Langham Hotel in Downtown Manhattan.

Graceful Ease is a Paula Method practice based in Northern New Jersey, teaching men, women and children how to self-heal from a large variety of physical ailments, while strengthening the body and preserving the proper functionality of its various systems. 


The Paula Method can help in pregnant and postpartum women in the following ways:

  • Healing pregnancy-related issues with the pelvic floor, posture, and pain

  • Preparation for childbirth

  • Functioning during childbirth

  • Healing from C-section

The Motherhood Center offers a full array of virtual and in-person clinical treatment services depending on a patient’s symptom acuity and diagnosis. For women experiencing severe PMAD symptoms, their one-of-a-kind Day Program is the ideal level of care to help new and expecting mothers/birthing people that are having a difficult time caring for themselves and/or their baby to feel much better – much faster. Their outpatient treatment consists of evaluation, therapy, medication management, and trying to conceive consultation. Support groups offer a safe space for pregnant and postpartum women to talk openly about the challenging parts of motherhood. Wherever a mother is on their perinatal journey – The Motherhood Center of NYC can help her to feel like herself again.

Nurse to Nurture provides a range of prenatal and postpartum lactation consultation services. Nurse to Nurture offers both in-home and in-patient support, particularly for parents with babies in the NICU who are concerned about having the best start possible for their breastfeeding relationship.

The Bedtime Fairy offers personalized consulting & coaching to help get little ones (and their parents!) the sleep they need.

Kelly Lopez is a certified SLEEP SENSE™ consultant who can work with you to formulate a plan to help you help your little one get some sleep. 

MOTHERHOOD UNDERSTOOD is a (online) platform and community for all the overwhelmed, anxious and depressed moms—the ones nobody talks about, where we are committed to shining the light on the darkest of places, where mommy mental health taboos have been hiding out, doing an awesome job of convincing us that we are not enough. And we’re all alone. (NOTE: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. VISIT THIS WEBSITE!)

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