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Growing family?
Feeling lonely and have lots of questions?
Looking for a community of new parents just like you?

What is it you ask?


   Live & Interactive Community

People having a virtual call online.  Laptop on desk at home.  Friends and family talking

Weekly virtual meetings for 1 hour. 

Access to a private Facebook group to continue building community during the week.

Each session will have planned educational content, but will also allow time for open discussion of your most pressing questions.

Your partner is encouraged to join if they are available (included in the monthly subscription fee).

Join at any point in your postpartum or parenting journey. 


Support & Education

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Weekly newsletter sent to your email.

Evidence based breastfeeding secrets (that shouldn't be secrets at all!)

Explore your pressing parenting and postpartum questions - such as:

    Will I ever sleep again? (HINT - the answer
      is yes!)

      Understanding and responding to your              baby's cues.
      Navigating the return to work or the real     
      struggle of the overly tired, unappreciated        full time mom.

      How can I keep my relationship with my 
      partner strong?

      Discovering your new role as mom while 
      staying true to your whole self.

Resources At Your Fingertips!

Dreaming image with group of females friends hug each other all together looking the sunse

Leave feeling like you are not alone (because you really are not even though it feels that way in your corner of a COVID world.)

A vibrant community of like-minded parents with whom you share your postpartum and parenting journey. 

Need help researching a resource you never thought you would need but don't know where to start? Your membership includes unlimited referral support to local resources. You don't have time to do that while trying to care for a newborn. Let your membership take care of that for you. 



Group therapy to treat postpartum anxiety or depression.

So, You Ask,

Should I Join This Community?


Are you a new parent?

Feeling isolated and alone?

Have questions about postpartum and early parenthood?

Seeking a community of others just like you?

Ready to walk away prepared, informed and empowered?

Available Mondays at 12pm EST?

Oops, I still have a few questions...

Q: Do I have to live in New Jersey?

A: NO! This is an educational community for new parents (dads are welcome to join as well). While the facilitator lives in New Jersey, since this is not a psychotherapy group (it's educational), you can live anywhere with an internet connection! Wahoo!

Q: When can I join?

A: The group is forming now! And the first 5 to sign up receive a 50% discount on their first month of membership using the CODE: FIRSTFIVE50. So don't delay and grab your spot now! 

The community has rolling acceptance. So you can join when it's most convenient for you. Which is now!

Q: What is the cost again? And how does the membership work exactly?

A: All those awesome benefits are only $50/month. When you enroll, you are placed on a monthly membership plan so you don't have to remember anything (except to show up at 12pm EST on Mondays for answers to your pressing questions and fantastic community support). Stay for as long as you would like, or for life! We won't make you leave, I promise!

Q: How do I cancel my recurring membership?

A: You simply email 10 days before your next scheduled membership payment.  

Q: Do you have a money back guarantee?

A: Yes! Cancel within the first 30 days and your first month's membership will be refunded. Sorry, refunds are not issued after this period and the membership cancellation policy noted above applies. 

Q: What if I can't make it to every virtual meeting on Mondays?

A: That's alright! We will miss you though! And you will still have access to the private Facebook group for answers to your questions in the meantime. 

MEET Jennifer:
Mom of 2 under age 5
perinatal mental health specialist

ardent believer that ALL moms need more support to navigate the shock that is the transition to parenthood

Gottman Bringing Baby Home Program Educator
PSI Certificate of Course Completion
The Postpartum Stress Center Certificate of Completion
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