Taking therapy off the couch & into the park!

(Now offered at Nomahegan Park)



We understand that as a mom, many barriers get in your way

of doing what you know is essential to keep you mentally well.


This is why we now offer Walk & Talk Therapy! 


What are the benefits of Walk & Talk Therapy?

  • Even light exercise, such as walking, creates healthy endorphins (aka the happy hormones).

  • Walking is also proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

  • Babies especially enjoy the fresh air. The daylight also helps infants distinguish between day and night better. And the movement is often calming for them.

  • And lets not forget the physical benefits of walking.

Walk & Talk FAQ’s

What is the difference between Walk & Talk Therapy and office based therapy?
The only difference really is that sessions occur outside rather than in an office. The treatment techniques and strategies remain the same. Comfortable shoes also recommended.

What if the weather is bad? And do you offer Walk & Talk during the winter?
You make the call regarding weather. The option is always available to move inside if the weather is not to your liking. But we offer Walk & Talk during all 4 seasons.

Is this a strenuous workout?
No. You set the pace which is slow to moderate; We are not striving for a 15 minute mile here. You let your therapist know how you feeling and if you are uncomfortable at anytime, we stop and finish the session in the grass or on a park bench. 

What about new moms? Do I need clearance from my doctor?

For moms who gave birth less than 6 weeks ago, we recommend your consult with your physician before beginning Walk & Talk Therapy as the sessions generally involves walking at least 1 mile. We also ask all clients to let your therapist know if you feel any discomfort at all. If so, the session can be finished sitting in the grass or on a park bench.

What if I don’t like it?
If you try out Walk & Talk therapy and don't like it, no problem. We can always switch your next session to the office. We can also alternate - one session in the park, one in the office. It's your therapy!


Is there an additional cost for Walk and Talk Therapy?
No, Fees are the same regardless of the location.

What about confidentiality?
If you happen to run into someone who you know, you take the lead. You can politely wave, give a quick hello,  or steer into another direction. People are accustomed to seeing people walk together in a park. Your therapist will always maintain your confidentiality and never indicate that you are in a therapy session. A signed consent form is required to address confidentiality prior to beginning and this will be discussed verbally during our first session as well.

Where do you offer Walk & Talk Therapy?
We currently offer Walk & Talk at Nomahagen Park. 

When are Walk & Talk sessions offered?
Since the park is close to the office, appointments are easily scheduled during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and every other Saturday). Walk & Talk is offered by appointment only. Reach out today to schedule your free, no-strings attached consultation.